Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Infrared Photoshoot

 My favorite shot

Actually shooting in infrared (as opposed to changing it to infrared via Photoshop) can be pretty unpredictable. How dark or light something can look depends less on color, and more on what the object is made of. It tends to smooth out skin tone, but can make you look old because it accentuates wrinkles. It edits out freckles and moles but can bring out the appearance of veins. Most photographers who use infrared choose to shoot landscapes, in that respect Michael is a bit of a rebel.

There are of course some things you can do to get the photo you want. The older the cloth is, the more likely it will shoot better  and more true to color because vintage clothing used more natural fibers where more modern stuff tends to have a blend.

Plastic tends to photograph white or clear, as you can tell from my large white faux lashes. So if you plan on wearing lashes maybe buy one that are made from real hair. Although this is kinda a neat side effect.

Lipstick will not be dark, no matter what. I'm wearing Geek Chics Kaos and it doesn't look as if I'm wearing anything. Though for whatever reason khol eyeliner always shows up black, so use that on your mouth instead.

This, believe it or not, is a black dress, it photographed light blue under infrared except for the black elastic straps, kinda fascinating don't you think? This was my last outfit, the shoes were 4 inch heels and kept sinking into the dirt as I walked around, and dress was absolutely killing me. In fact as soon as I got home I chucked it, most of the pictures wearing it I found really unflattering anyway, plus it has a tendency to get a bit twisted while moving and it's super hard to straighten out again. I really only brought it along cause the photographer asked me to, and I don't have a lot of black in my wardrobe.

I got three panoramics, one for each outfit, but like I said I didn't care for the black dress much. This was my favorite panoramic, I'm particularly fond of poses 2 and 5.

I'm in love with pose 4, I want to have a whole album of me jumping in this dress.

All these photos were taken in Portland Riverview Cemetery, which is huge and old and includes a lot of famous residents from Portland history and some large, amazing tombstones. There are also a lot of bikers who come for the quiet roads. This shot was taken just before a whole bunch of them road past shouting things like, "Looking good," and "Very pretty." It was kinda funny really.

There were a few short jokes about this shot because even standing on a bench I still wasn't tall enough to have the leaves directly behind me. The background photographed pretty though didn't it?

I did not get a color shot of my makeup that day. But I took some photos when I was practicing earlier in the month, I changed the shape a bit for the actual shoot, but these are the colors I used in the shoot with the exception of the blue eyeliner which I took out at the last minute, and I used black eyeliner on my waterline.
  • Black Rose Minerals It's Electric
  • Black Rose Minerals Venom
  • Aromaleigh Almost Midnight
  • Meow Hoar Frost
  • Meow Sleet
  • Meow Astral Projection
  • Aromaleigh Plush Romantic
  • Aromaleigh Fume
Wow that's a lot of eyeshadow.

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