Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meow: Joys of Summer and Other

From left to right swatched over pixie epoxy on top and primer below.

Conch: Shimmery dusky pink with coral tones.
Polyhymnia: Lavender shimmer with blue shimmer.
Oddity: Pale blue shimmer with a strong lime duochrome.
Beach Bonfire: A dark burnt orange shimmer.
Firework: Bright fuchia with pink sparkle. Not as glittery as I'd hoped.
Flameing Marshmellow: Deep brown base packed with orange glints.
Iced Watermelon Blush: Swatches over PE on top, primer below and then a second swatch on bare skin. Bright pink shimmer.

Of this batch I'm fond of Conch, Oddity, and Beach Bonfire. Flaming Marshmallow was a disappointment as I'd hoped it would be more complex but I'm afraid I'm nit-picking here since it's still a good color.

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