Monday, July 16, 2012

Furious Food Carting

Brenna is thankfully a huge fan of food, and of taking pictures of her meals, which even though I blog I tend to forget in my rush to get it to my mouth. She doesn't do much in the way of food carts without me though, so a few weekends ago we made our way to the Mississippi Marketplace cart pod. I haven't been there in awhile so there were some changes the carts, Burgatroyd was still standing of course along with a few other staples like the Big Egg, and Native Bowl, so we shared a Crack Burger, and a peach vanilla, rooiboss and black tea.

A new addition to the pod was Prickly Ash which serves up a chinese street food called Mo. The "Mo" is the nan like tortilla item at the bottom, they cook it up when you put in your order and it's delicious. Brenna and I shared a Red Oil Chicken Mo, which was supposed to be spicy but fell a little short. It was however really, really salty, not my favorite food cart experience but not bad either.

Hungry Heart Cupcakes had a kiosk instead of their full cart at the cart pod, in which they sold minis in varying flavors. I tried their Dark and Dusty, a chocolate and cacao nib cupcake with salted dulce de leche frosting.

Brenna had a cardamom carrot cupcake. They cake in these is flawless, moist but not crumbly, but the frosting could use a little work, mine tasted like pure butter.

Our next stop was to Pix Patisserie where we shared a pear and rosemary ganache tart and a rose with lemon cream french macaroon. This was both of our first time visiting Pix, it was delicious though the macaroon could have used less lemon, and the tart more pear.

After that we headed over to 23rd for something delicious at Moonstruck Chocolate, my favorite there is their Mexican Hot Chocolate.

We shared the milk chocolate version but they have a dark chocolate version as well. We decided it tastes like a chocolate snickerdoodle and have decided to try our hands at making some when the weather cools down. Chocolate snickerdoodles that is.

Upon our leaving we grabbed some chocolates I bought a salted caramel, and Brenna the Grenada Truffle which is described on the website as "An exotic ganache of whipped cream and single origin dark chocolate derived from rare and flavorful Triniterio cocoa beans from the Caribbean, resulting in hints of dried fruits and fresh tobacco. Enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with roasted cocoa nibs."

We also hit a few makeup shops, including the MAC Store where Brenna picked up a new lip pencil.

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