Friday, July 13, 2012

Meow: Pleasures and Other

Swatched left to right over primer and Pixie Epoxy.

Bubblebath: Warm pearl with a VERY slight green/blue shimmer
Barefoot: Perfectly pale pink shimmer
French Fry Heaven: Yellow with a fried golden shimmer.
Mai-Tai: A shade warmer then French Fry Heaven, with more gold tones.
Bermuda Triangle: Stormy gray with grean and blue hints under different types of lighting.
Rainy Day: Gunmetal gray shimmer with blue tints.
Dolphin Blush: Swatched first over primer and PE and then again on bare skin. An incredibly pale peachy pink shimmer.

As you can see Dolphin is a very close match to my skin tone. You might think that means I don't care for it much but in fact I've been layering it over other blushes so they blend a bit better. My favorite eyeshadow of this batch was Bermuda Triangle with it's depth and uniqueness, they rest I'm not overly fond of. It might interest you all to know I picked up Margarita from the simple pleasures collection as well but was unimpressed so I gave it to Brenna as she liked it and it matched her skin tone better then mine.

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