Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Last Few Months

 I moved a few months ago, those of you who follow my blog closely probably remember. It affords me more time to spend with my awesome cat pal Gawain. Isn't he huge? He sheds like crazy and drools when he's happy.

Teal sent me a house warming package filled with Sentsy tarts and a night-lite tart warmer. I dearly loved the wrapping.

Since my move I've gotten into crosswords and puzzles, this one Anissa, Randall, and I finished in about 6 hours, but it was only a 500 peice.

My favorite puzzle so far, 1000 peice Alphonse Mucha.

1000 piece Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night. Just the most difficult puzzle I've ever happened upon. Impressionists...bah!

I spent Easter with Brenna and her awesome family. We had dinner, candy and watched Kamikaze Girls, I dressed like the best Easter Egg ever.

Lipstick is Geek Chics Back to the Fuchsia.

Upon my return from California I realized I had too much random fabric in my bin, there was no room for the new stuff I'd bought. Most of which was too small to make an outfit out of so I made a bunch of small projects out of them. I used left over pieces of my Spoonflower Black Forest print to make these cute pennants to hang my pins on. I have an awful lot of pins and I forget to wear them because I never see them, this way I'll have an easier time remembering.

Anissa spent the evening rolling dozens of balls of yarn because she's been heavily into knitting lately and she got a deal on a bunch of really nice soft skanes. It's kinda pretty, like a pile of pastel planets.

My new boss is amazing! He makes me lunch when I work, this is cherry tomatoes with saffron rice, sprouts, and a baked dumpling with an egg and cream cheese inside. It was delicious!

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