Friday, October 12, 2012

Grilled Cheese Grill

It's positively sinful that it's taken me this long to get out to one of their THREE locations around Portland, I LOVE grilled cheese, it's my go to comfort food. But with all the amazing food carts out there how good could it possible be? The answer...very.

 With the motto of "Come have a taste of your childhood, unless your childhood sucked, then we'll let you have a taste of ours" how can you go wrong? Grilled Cheese Grill has a menu consisting of traditional to off the wall combos. I met a friend there and we both got The Jalapeno Popper: roasted jalapenos, colby jack, cream cheese, and corn tortilla chips on sourdough. It was magnificently spicy.

They also have what I hear is a fantastic tomato soup (because what's grilled cheese without tomato soup), though I didn't have any myself. Next time.

The Alberta location has outdoor seating and also an old renovated schoolbus for a little bit of shelter. So if you're in the area you should probably stop by.


  1. This makes me miss Portland food carting in such a bad way. I want a grilled cheese so bad! Also, that bus is awesome.

    1. I miss food carting you all you guys. Who else is gonna brave the cold and rain with me to get some awesome food?