Monday, October 15, 2012

My Top 10 Halloween Songs

This list will not include Thriller, Nightmare Before Christmas, Rocky Horror, or anything else that's just too easy. I love all of them, but they're kind of a given at this point.

10. Dark Lady by Cher

We'll start off easy with some Cher, this song never makes it to any Halloween lists despite having gypsies, magic, and murder. On top of that it's a pretty catchy tune.

9. Old Black Magic by Louis Prima and Keely Smith

These two were famous not only for their singing but their interaction with Keely playing the straight man to Louis more excitable character. It worked so well Cher and Sonny Bono created a show around the same concept. Old Black Magic has been done by numerous artists since, but the original is still fantastic.

8. Desperation Samba by Jimmy Buffet

I'll admit it, I actually really love Jimmy Buffet, lucky for you guys since if I didn't I, and as an extension you, wouldn't even have knows this song existed. This song has always brought to mind a warm Halloween walking down a street with folks partying in fantastic costumes.

7. I Can't Decide by Scissor Sister

The happy peppy tune is maybe why people don't realize how dark this song actually is. It's not entirely clear, but I believe the singer is actually a serial killer who's tricked some poor unsuspecting soul into liking him. When he finally reveals his true nature he teases the poor sod about whether or not he'll kill them. But like I said there's room for some interpretation.

6. One Good Scare by Phineas and Ferb

Easily one of the cutest "scary" songs out there. Obviously a kids song with it's cute bouncy tune, but the lyrics are clever enough that anyone could enjoy it, even out of context.

5. Magic by Mick Smiley

Admit it, you had no idea what this song would be until you played the video, but once it started it was like Oh yeah! That OTHER song from Ghostbusters. It's got creepy 80's vocals, and a ghostly rhythm that makes you think something heavy is about to go down.

4. Jump in De Line by Harry Belafonte

Ok it's not a Halloween song, nothing in the lyrics, tune, or vocals make this spooky in any way. But every time I hear it all I can see is Winona Ryder floating on the ceiling with football player ghosts dancing behind her. If that's not Halloween I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

3. Drunkards Damnation Jamboree by SWANK

I suspect this song is about what happens to alcoholics when they die. They apparently get their own heaven that's just one big party bar with never ending beer kegs. This song definitely reminds me of a Hellboy comic where he parties all night with some dead pirates but doesn't realize it until the next morning.

2. Man With The Hex by The Atomic Fireballs

In short, don't mess with Voodoo.

1. Move You Dead Bones by Dr. Reanimator

My favorite Halloween song ever! Seriously it needs more play, everything about it is so incredibly ridiculous. The lyrics, the video, and above all the singer. But I suppose if you're going to make your own dance crew making them Zombies would definitely take attention away from the fact that you can't dance.

So what are you favorite spooky songs?

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