Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation

Up until a month ago I had no idea they were making a new Silent Hill movie. Then I was sitting in a theater watching some trailers, and there's this soot falling, and the words "there is a town", and I was immediately, "SILENT HILL, IT'S SILENT HILL!" Luckily I was seeing Judge Dredd at the time so I didn't piss a whole bunch of people off cause apparently nobody wanted to see that movie even though it was pretty good.

So this movie won't be winning any awards, but if you like the games like I do then it's pretty fun to watch. They merged the two movies as best they could, and followed game 3 pretty well, some scenes were exactly like the game and it was fun to point out what they had in common with my friends. The dialogue was, just awful, half the sets were amazing, and the other half looked like something out of a B Sci-Fi movie.

The movie itself is short only around 1 1/2 hours, I didn't find it as scary or disturbing as the games, but it looked good, there's a fun fight scene toward the end. If your a fan of the game I say yeah go see it, if you're a fan of horror movies wait till it comes out on DVD.

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