Monday, October 29, 2012

TeeFury: Halfling Feet

  Trying out a new 'one a day' t-shirt site. I bought this X-Large shirt as part of Randalls Christmas gift (shh, don't tell him). I plan on giving it to him so he can wear it when we see "The Hobbit", so excited! I'm really happy with it, shipping took about a week and a half, and the whole price came to 12.75$ The print is smooth and clear, and the tee itself is a very nice comfy cotton, not at thick as Qwertee shirts, but definitely softer.

Tee comes folded in a baggie with the order form, it's pretty basic, but if it's not broke don't fix it.

Doesn't it look nice? I'm quite happy, in fact I've already bought from them again, so look forward to a review about their female tee, which is really the true test of a company.

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