Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Sparkle Shoes

There are a ton of tutorials bouncing around for this. One of the easiest involved mixing the glue and the glitter together before painting it on the shoe, it is quite quick and reduced fallout but I don't like this for several reasons 1: the glue creates a barrier between light and the glitter so it doesn't sparkle as much. 2: it's kind of a waste of both products.

Usually these tutorials use Mod Podge which makes sense because it dries clear, sticks to most materials, and is flexible when dry. I did not have Mod Podge but I did have a big tub of Elmers Glue, I don't know how well it might work on vinyl fabric, but I used it on some satin shoes and it seemed to work very well. These shoes were in desperate need of a makeover, I used them in a photoshoot at a graveyard and they didn't survive intact.

What You'll Need
  • Elmers Glue                 
  • Spray-able Fixative (spray glue)     
  • Glitter                          
  • 2 Trays                        
  • Plastic Bags                 
  • Scotch Tape (Optional)
  • Blow Dryer (Optional) 
Directions couldn't be more simple, I used the tape to cover the buckles, you could also use it to make sure nothing get's on the outer soles or wherever you don't want glitter. Place plastic bags inside shoes to avoid getting too much glitter inside where it WILL stick and coat your socks in glitter.

Paint a section of the shoe at a time and dust on the glitter over one of the trays, completely covering the section and wait for it to dry. If your impatient like me you can use the blow dryer on low (if it's too hot sometimes the glue can bubble). Once dry tap shoe over the first tray to remove excess glitter. Move onto the next section only this time place the shoe on tray two and tap the glitter from tray one over the glue covered section. Continue until shoe is completely covered doing touch ups as needed.

Once completely dry, take shoes to a well ventilated area and cover them with the spray-able fixative paying special attention to areas that get the most wear and tear like the strap or around the bottom near the soles.

As you can see Gawain is indifferent to them, preferring to lick himself instead of stare at them adoringly like me. I'm planning on wearing these with my Christmas dress which is still in the works so look forward to that at a later date.

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