Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Wish List 2012

Time for my annual wish list. This years list was really difficult, not because there's nothing I don't want but because I don't really want anything extraordinary or exciting this year. I've pretty much given up on the idea of a Lolita coat, I still want one but it's not as important to me.

Tea Time Toffee: This is seriously the best toffee ever. They were at last year's Chocolate Festival, but Brenna and I forgot to buy a bag. We're going in on a 5lb package in 2013.

 Melissa Anglomania Shoes: I'm desperate for these. I would have preferred them in red but they're almost impossible to find these days.

Cleanse Your Soul Tart Warmer Melts: Cleanse Your Soul is so freaking amazing anyway with their 1000+ scent list. I'm really fond of the tarts, especialy since for whatever reason the hallway right outside my door sucks in any smell in the house, including the really bad ones. Tart melts help.

Spoonflower Firebird Repeat: I adore ceanirmingers work, I'd love to make a dress out of this fabric. I would need about 4 yards, and an extra yard of his matching stars only fabric.

Expidit Shelving Unit from Ikea: This would make organization so much easier on me. Plus more room for sewing supplies which would be awesome because I'm hoping to stock up soon.

Cute Soft Pajama Pants: I'm a big fan of cute, loose, comfy PJs like these Eiffel Tower ones from Forever 21. Also this, these, and oh this one too. No fleece obviously because it's gross and tacky.

White Christmas Tree: I want a white tree, I would cover it in pastel lights and candy themed ornaments that I made myself and it would be so pretty. I want it to be 3.5-4ft which would be the perfect size for my room.

The Usual:
  • Makeup Samples from Indy Companies
  • Awesome Candies
  • Socks and Tights
  • Glass Topped Sewing Pins
  • Loose Leaf Teas
  • Lolita Accessories

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