Friday, November 9, 2012

Tee Fury: Be Excellent To Each Other

Okay, I love Bill and Ted! It's this really great feel good movie that totally warps history and could not possible have been made today. Thank goodness it got made at some point so we can all enjoy the magical journey of two idiots who somehow become the most important people in the universe. It has George Carlin, the best acting Keanu Reeves has ever done, and some of the most memorable one liners ever. I really, REALLY wanted this t-shirt!

Shipping was about the same as last time, the shirt is very soft and not too thick, not too thin. I bought a medium, it's long, and fits very well. Unfortunately there are a few problems with the print.

The first thing I notices what this weird blue "pimple" on Bills forehead.

Then this smudge on the side of Teds face.

There are a few other notable smudges in the Stallyns name. I'm really kinda disappointed since the Halfling Feet shirt came out so well, but I suppose there was less to get messed up. I don't want to return the shirt because I don't think they'll send me another one of the same, but I don't know if I can continue to recommend Tee Fury now. It's kinda a major bummer.

Okay, I'm glad I have my Bill and Ted shirt, the print itself is really cute even with it's flaws. Here, I'll cheer myself up with one of my favorite scenes. This is what I think every time I pass a Circle K.

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