Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter in LA 2012

Sorry for the radio silence for the last few weeks but for a short period of time I escaped the Pacific NW weather to LA where I was promptly deposited into a windstorm, but for the rest of the trip the weather stayed relatively decent.

 Took a lot of pictures of my grandmas adorable Chihuahua Bobby.

I didn't take so many pictures this time around, a lot of places I went didn't allow photos including the FIDM Museum (sorry Maura) I even tried taking sneaky non-flash pictures but I was denied. I also met a friend of my mom and grandmother who took a liking to me and invited me to a special showing of her museum quality collection of vintage costume jewelry. She fed us lunch and taught us about her collection, it was awesome! But I also couldn't take pictures.

We had about 16 people in the condo for the Girls Only Party.

Some of the girls. I wore my new Christmas dress to this party which I had actually only finished the night before. Didn't get any really good pictures though, it was kinda dark, but you can see the top in the first picture.

My cousin Claire and her mom (my aunt) Jill.

My mom took me to a sample sale in the basement of the California Mart, this was a display in one the of the store windows. Stunning right?

Also I dyed my hair a really dark blue, it's pretty hard to photograph, I love it so much.

One more super cute photo of Bobby.

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  1. I want to see the rest of your Christmas dress! The top half looks cute!

    Glad to see you had a good time with your family in LA!