Friday, January 15, 2010

Cosplay: Anime Vice

My friend Gia works as a reporter for Anime Vice, she used to live in the area, but recently moved to California to be closer to the 'Vice' main office. She knows a little bit about everything going on in the anime world, it was really cool to get a chance to hang out with someone who can drop science on you like that.

Last year we did a series of videos together documenting the making of a Sheryl Nome costume I was sewing for her. We were hoping to do something more complicated, but I was working on three costumes for Sakura-con at the time and the convention she hoped to wear it to was only a month and a half away, so we kept it simple.

So here are the videos that came out of that...

And as a nice bonus for me, here's a video of Gia wearing the costume while interviewing people. And having her picture taken.

Check out Gias website, it really has a lot of awesome stuff.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link! Your post popped up in my Google alerts and I'm thrilled to run into you, digitally speaking ;) How's things?

  2. Things are fine! How are you? Are you adjusting to CA?

  3. Well, I grew up about an hour south of here, so it's not a HUGE adjustment...but yeah, I'm pretty well settled in. Except it's still so chilly here, bah! @_@

    Though I hear it's been pretty wacky weather-wise in PDX, too!

  4. It's always wacky weather here^^!

    I'm glad your doing ok, I suppose CA isn't that bad or anything, but you know it's not portland.