Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Wear: Baking Party

See I don't wear a skirt all the time, sometimes I wear really rocking jeans!

The jeans are Mur Mur brand, they're very thin and soft, not like denim at all. They look really good on me, but they have all these little buttons all over them, and I'm constantly sewing them back on when they pop off.

Shirt, Pants, and Earrings: LA Fashion District
Necklace: Africa
Shoes: Coach
Makeup: Aromaleigh and Lime Crime

The necklace came from a shop on 23rd that sells handmade items made by villages in Africa and South America. Each bead is handmade (notice I'm really pushing the handmade thing) out of clay, and then fire glazed. It's really heavy, seriously I think I could kill someone with it if I wanted.

The earrings are little mirrors shaped like Giraffe with colorful polka dots. You can see they're reflecting weird light onto my face. They don't really match the outfit, but I wanted to wear them cause I almost never get to.

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