Monday, February 1, 2010

Chocolate Fest

The Oregon Lolitas have met up at the Chocolate Fest for the last three years now. This year I thought it would be fun to join them. I mean it was my resolution to find any excuse to dress up this year, and I do adore chocolate so there you go. And I dragged my friends Jojo and Heather with me.

The first Lolita we met was Rikki, she organized the meet for everyone. But she remembered everyone name by mine, so sad.

Then Lucy, she was very smart and talkative! I really enjoy people like that because they keep me from getting too shy.

And Louise who was quite shy, but very adorable!

After the first three the rest of them began trickling in.

There was Holly...

And Ashley, they came together I believe.

And lastly Bronte rounded out the group.

The festival itself was packed with tons of people dying to snatch a sample of something tasty.

Truffles. Uneaten they were about half foot long and an inch and a half tall.

Cupcake cake.

Giant chocolate heart.

Even some vendors seemed to be into the cute lolita action.

It was so enjoyable, everyone was very kind, and I can't even remember the amount of times someone asked me why I was dressed up or what group I was with. I had Root Beer fudge, chocolate bacon bars, and learned a great saketini recipe I plan on sharing with you later.

Most of the other lolitas left after a few hours but Heather and I stayed till late (Jojo took the max home) going through the building and trying samples over and over again. Several of the door men got used to us and didn't bother looking at our stickers to let us in. The chocolate fest was held at the Forestry Center so there were some games and cute things set out to look at and play with.

That's all from me, I'll leave you with my new favorite quote...


  1. Haha sorry I coudln't remember your naaaame XD But now I'll never forget it! Also, I didnt' see that giant chocolate heart while I was there!

  2. It was in the third building! It was a popular table, I had a hard time getting a picture of it. Maybe that's why you didn't see it?