Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sakura-con Report: Day 1

Friday had me waking from a very early from an unsound sleep at Heathers house. Heather had made me paranoid the night before by telling me we had to leave early enough to grab our badges from the Dealer Hall before her brother got there. Otherwise he my take them all and we'd be screwed.

So I put on parts of my costume for the day while Heathers dad packed her car with useless junk to bring to her OTHER brother who lives in Seattle. Something Heather had no intention of doing anyway, not that she could tell her dad that.

About when we got to Olympia is when I started to put on my makeup and wig. I think I did a pretty good job of it too all things considered. The drive was quite wet and the random junk made the rear view mirror useless so we had difficulty seeing behind us and in front of us. Also there was no visor mirror on my side so I had to mainly rely on my compact. Have I mentioned I'm pretty blind without my glasses?

But cute, have I mentioned cute?

We get to the con and get to avoid the long lines that Rose, who had gotten there an hour before us, was still smack in the middle of. We eventualy found her and bought her an extra dealers badge (shhh don't tell anyone).

After that we walked around for a little bit, played some DDR but we had to be to our audio recording, which we were early for but the people before us hadn't shown up yet so the Coordinators got us in and out real quick. We bummed around some after that. Went to a Con Flirting Panel, which we thought was going to be a joke panel but it was not. They were dropping science on us. Though that didn't keep Rose and I from joking around.

After about half an hour there we went to the Con Etiquette Panel which we though was going to be serious but turned out to be this guy bitching about memes and disturbing cosplay. It was awesome!

Went to the Drop in Cosplay Rehearsal, which was actually the pre-meet. Afterwards we broke for a short lunch of Goldfish Crackers at Roses hotel room. The lovely Crown Plaza, who are always very pleasant to us con-goers, few hotels are. Then it was back to the convention for a quick roam through the dealers hall, which was the only time in the whole con that we got to go there.

We also found an artist in artists alley that creates lovely little chibis to do a commission of our Shining Force Feather characters so the original character artist Nozumi Ito could sign them, thus making our costume experience all the more richer.

Dinner was drinks and appetizers at Game Works, then back to the hotel room for showers, skit practices, and a good nights sleep.

Con wear: Day 1 Kazeko from Jingai Makeyo

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