Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sakura-con Report: Day 2

Rose and I woke very early to get ready for the show and to make it to the Cosplay Rehersal. I was doing makeup for both of us, plus Anissa and Jojo. I didn't finish and actually had to bring my kit with me and finish in the green room.

They had us walk across stage, and even practice a little, which NEVER happens. Then Rose and I were abandoned by our group mates while we stood in line for judging. And there were three costume judges this year as opposed to last years 1 judge, who I was not happy with. I complained about her last year, and I got the feeling a few people just though I was jealous cause I didn't win. Well I didn't win anything this year either and I had a fantastic time. The show it self went smoothly, I loved the skits this year. I was really happy with the way things went down.

During our down time we went to pick up our pictures from the artist. We were mega excited, Rose got hers first and it was so cute I adored it. And then she pulls out mine... and I stare... And I say....

"That's not Lavinia." For indeed it was not, it was some purple haired elf chick.

The girl who drew it was very apologetic and promised to draw me a new one as quickly as she could, meanwhile we had to return to the green room and sit nervously until our turn on stage.

Our skit went very smoothly considering two people in our group didn't even know they were competing until the night before. We accidentally left the big cake on stage and Anissa almost bowled Rose over getting to it, but that was it. I promise to post our skit later when it becomes available.

After the competition ended we returned to Artists Alley to check on my pictures progress, but to no avail. There was no way my picture would be finished by the time I needed it to be. And let me tell you it threw a pall on my day. I regret to inform you dear reader that I got pretty bitchy for awhile after that, and felt like crying. As Rose and I stood in line to get our autographs (in a horrible ammount of pain anyway because of our shoes), she had her picture out and the woman behind us was just gushing about it, and I rolled my eyes, crossed my arms, and tried to ignore them.

In the end I had Ito sign my costume. She was quite young and cute and when I walked up she went, "Lavinia! Lavinia!" And told her translator what we were from. I was quite surprised there was no one else dressed up to meet her. I figured they're be a ton of Haruhis, but I saw none.

We weren't sure what to do after that. I wanted to go back to the hotel room to relax and fix our makeup, white Rose wanted to stay at the convention cause her feet hurt. I did too actually, but in the end back to the hotel it was for a few hours before our photo shoot with Cliff Nordman.

If you live in the Seattle Tri-Cities area and are in need of a photo shoot, I highly recommend him. I've worked with a few photographers before, and while the pictures came out nice, I want someone I can relate to, and who I can bounce ideas off of. Someone who dosn't make me feel like an idiot for wanting to try something a little different.

It was so much fun, the only really annoying part was that other con goers would see us posing and try to take our pictures. I'm glad Cliff was there to wave most of them off, I felt bad but we were paying for his time.

After the shoot we all chatted for a bit. My goal this year was to get convention stories out of people and he had some good ones.

Afterwards it was back to the hotel to finally get out of our costumes. We soaked our poor, sad, bloody stumps of feet in warm soapy water until feeling returned. And prepared very slowly for dinner and the dance. This was also the point where I discovered the damage my costume had done. I had big bright red markings around my neck, under my arms and around my hips.
Also it's now 2 days later and they've faded, but haven't gone away yet.

We stopped off at a bar down the street from the convention center for drinks and appetizers, I downed most of a Skinny Bitch Cosmo before I ate anything and was feeling the effects quite soon afterward. On our way back we decided to try for the Cheesecake Factory because it was close, we know it has good drinks, and a pretty decent menu. It was a good choice, I was really digging on my Passion Fruit Mojito. Then it was up to the dance where it looked like about 500 glow sticks exploded on the floor. It was hot and really crowded and smelly, not my thing, but I do like to dance. So I went to a bathroom to take off my sweater. Underneath I had on a blue tank top. Let me tell you I haven't had this much attention since I cosplayed Lumiere.

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