Monday, October 25, 2010

My Right to Choose....

You see them on the corner, they hold up signs of dead fetus and scream at crying women. What gives them the right aside from state protest laws? They're on gods side of course, Jesus wants you to scream at rape victims that they are child murderers. Or like this man who's wife was harassed by protesters for trying to abort what would have been a still born child.

The husbands story fell into my lap the other day and I've been mulling on it ever since. You always hear plenty of strong minded women discuss abortion, but you rarely hear from the men. Often when you do it's a story of relief, a mistake put right, something they don't have to worry about anymore. It's refreshing to see a story like this even if it was under the most upsetting of circumstances.

Everything he says in the video is right on. These protesters on the street have no clue why these women are doing what they do. The baby might be born of rape, or incest, maybe the girl is only 14, maybe (like a close friend of mine) there's a genetic trait they have that they just don't want to pass on. But you know what? It shouldn't matter whatever the case because it's none of your business.

The protesters also mention after-abortion suicides. And yes they are out there, and shouldn't you feel ashamed of yourselves for even bringing it up. People like you share the blame, you take someone on the worst day of their life and bring them further down. If you think your words haven't caused their fair share of suicides over the years you're kidding yourself.

I am a hardcore supporter of a woman's right to choose, I can't remember ever wanting to be pregnant. In school when friends talked about having children, I always opted for adoption in a wishy washy way, but the truth was I just don't want to care for someone else, some may find that selfish but I think it's smart. Better to have figured that out now then 9 months later.

For many people having children is a wonderful, magical, beautiful thing! It's amazing to put so much care into something and hope it grows and gets everything you wish for it. But 18 years of watching over someone smaller, stupider, and needier then me is not what I want out of life. I do my damnedest to prevent it too. I'm incredibly choosy about who I sleep with, I use condoms and birth control. I had good sexual education classes in school, and the resources of Planned Parenthood and beyond. I am pretty much 100% protected from an unwanted birth, but just in case something did go wrong I want that abortion, and I'd prefer to get through it without someone yelling at me.

You want to do something? Work with at risk kids to PREVENT. I love that word, prevent. It's is almost always easier to prevent something from happening then it is to deal with it after the fact. So let's invest in good sexual education classes, make condoms and birth control more easily available and less embarrassing to get a hold of. Encourage parents to treat the discovery of birth control divices in their childs room with less of a 'You're having sex!' attitude, and more of a positive 'You're having safe sex' attitude. And yes I'm gonna say it, let's encourage masturbation! You can't catch anything from doing it, you can't make anyone pregnant from it, and best of all you're always doing it with someone you love.

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