Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sock Dreams: Daily Wear

It's a curse that whenever I go to a party at Sock Dreams I always forget to take pictures of my outfit. As a result the picture above is the best I have. The costume is a more traditional Sleeping Beauty made by Maura, (another one of the items she left to me when she left for Japan) there's a bunch of ivy and flowers growing up from the bottom of it so I continued the theme by gluing flowers and leaves to my face and chest.

I felt my makeup, had I been sleeping for so long would have looked a little messed up. I used Aromaleighs Imperial on the inner corner and under the bottom lashes. Champagne Toast, and Camellia on the lid, with Petunia as a highlighter.

Then I patted Fume on with a finger right up to the hairline to achieve a look that was pretty but still a little wonky. I loaded a short fat brush with Emergent Beauty and tapped in onto the Fume. This picture can't do that part justice cause Fume is so bright it washes out most of Emergent Beauty, but it looked like a speckled Lilly.

The flowers and leaves were just silk ones I had lying left over from an old project. I glued them on using spirit gum. Most of them stayed on pretty good, the ones on my face kept attacking my wig.... that was fun. Only one of them fell off at the end of the night, a leaf on my chest decided it didn't want to be there any more.

I liked the placement of this leaf!

Also, just because I can, I found a picture of myself on the Sock Dreams website from last years Halloween Party.
I was a Circus Girl Lion Tamer last year. I had a little stuffed lion I was carrying around, and a whip I had made out of a stick and some rainbow ribbon.


  1. Once again, your make up is awesome! Also, the leaves and flowers were a good addition. I also wanted to make a sort of spider web tiara for it too... Maybe one day!

  2. I wish I had had more flowers for it. I would have stuck them everywhere, and a silver/grey wig would, I think, have worked out nicely with the costume.