Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 30th Party

Heather is busy Trick r' Treating on Halloween (I'll explain later) so she always has to have her Halloween Party at least a day before hand. Which since Halloween landed on a Sunday this year, happened to be last Saturday.

Here's the hostess as Medusa. She didn't ask the seasoned cosplayer (me) for help with her costume, so those snakes on her head are the kind that start out small, but grow with water. Basicaly she hung four 2 lbs snakes from her head. Smart right?

From the back.
I think we're watching The Strangers at this point in the evening. I did Heathers makeup, but forgot to take a picture of it, it looked pretty cool and Egyptian too.

Rose was a Patchwork Angel in an attempt to use up a punch of the white fabric in her wardrobe.

Her makeup was kept very simple Aromaleighs Gleam and Dandelion with some eyeliner.

I was not feeling the party or my costume that night. I didn't really want pictures of my costume that day but I managed to snap a few shots of my makeup.

I was the Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. I was hoping to get a hold of a frost bite makeup kit from a Halloween store because the snow in them is a chemical compound and not to be eaten. No Halloween store was selling them this year so I used rock salt. I had to keep it a secret too cause if anybody drunk enough found out they would try to lick me.

The eyeshadow was actually more varied that this picture looks. I used Aromaleigh Fume, Infidel, Tanquil, and Cloud. And yes there is salt on my eyelashes. It only fell into my eyes once that evening.


  1. I wanna see the costume! You'll have to post some pics once you've got it looking how you want it. (...Or perhaps you did post, and I missed it? Sorry, trying to get caught up on everything!)

  2. I didn't get a picture of the whole costume. I was not feeling particularly party-girl that night. But you know I think we'll get a while christmas, so maybe I'll suck it up and take a few pictures in the snow.