Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daily Wear: Halloween

I wore Mauras Red Queen Costume for Halloween this year. It's pretty loose on me, so it's actually quite comfortable asside from the annoying problem that the shoulder straps always fall off. I've been meaning to wear it for awhile now. I wanted to go see Alice in Wonderland in it, when the movie was in theaters, but that never happened.

I had Heather help me with a little photoshoot.

Even though I had no hand in making the costume I did make my own crown, Which I'm pretty proud of, it's very light, and even though I wish I'd made it bigger to fit my head with a wig on better, it stays on pretty well.

Makeup was Aromaleigh Helter Skelter, Black Planet, Lulu, and Torment.

My faux eyelashes look gross because I used them for my Snow Queen costume the night before and didn't have time to clean them.


  1. I may have already said this on FB, but the costume looks fantastic with that wig! I also love the make up and the crown you made for it. Nicely done!

    ... And, er, sorry about the shoulder straps? I have big shoulders, it's been said before.:(

  2. Are you apologizing for making a costume that fits you? *Waggles finger*.