Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kaboom and Korean

I'm on a roll with food carts as of late. We tried a wonderfully large pod off of Alder that I've been to before, Savor Soup House, and Cool Harrys are two of my favorites in that area. They've added some new carts as of late and we walked around checking them out.

Lucky we did cause we found this smoothie cart, so new it's sign hasn't been finished yet. I asked and the guy working in the cart what it will eventually be called. He told me Kaboom, which accounts for the awesome art.

The smoothie menu is small, and there are a few teas available as well. I do hope they expand their menu to include more unique beverages but the strawberry banana smoothie Heather and I shared was solid.

Slightly cold for the weather, but still delicious.

Heather in front of Kaboom.

Kittys throwing dynamite is always awesome.

After our smoothie Heather and I both decided we wanted to visit the Korean Taco cart Korean Twist.

Heather giving her order, to the cute Asian lady in the cart.

Me with my bulgogi taco.

Heathers kimchi and cheese Quesadilla, surprisingly good.

My taco, made with corn instead of flour tortilla shells. Korean is my favorite food, and Korean-Mexican infusion is a marriage made in heaven.

Cute window in a fashion house attracted my attention, so I snapped a quick picture as the shop lady glared at me. The cloths did not interest me, they were sparkly and boring.

My makeup for the day, Aromaleigh in Gleam, Mulberry, and Wizards Gold. Lip color is also from Aromaleigh in Coquette.

I love this look, it's very classic to me.


  1. I love your make up, so pretty!

  2. Thanks very much. It's very simple, but sometimes simple and bold make a big impression.