Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daily Wear: The Girls

I had a little to a ton to do with everyone's costumes this year. So I thought I'd give the girls their own Daily Wear segment.

First up we have Maura...
Here she is holding the dessert she chose from Papa Haydens. It's an Apple Crisp, Maura has had a hankering for all things American since she got back from Japan. Her first meal back was mashed potatoes and fried chicken, and she had actually only arrived the day before.

Above is the original concept sketch, of Mauras outfit, Ice Cream Sundae. I had designed it for Anissa when I thought she was still going to be in the photo with us. I showed it to Rose who said Maura might like it so I sent it to her in an email and she decided to make it all on her own. She borrowed a friends sewing machine, and had to do the patterns all on her own, apparently Japanese patterns suck.

She chose mint ice cream in terms of coloring, and it looks like the only thing she added to the design were the little pleated at the back of the skirt. She's always complaining that I never draw the back of costumes.

Next costume, TEAL!
Teal went very American with a Cherry Pie a'la Mode costume. She opted for a berry cobbler at Papa Haydens (one of my favorites). Doesn't the ice cream on her head look almost more real then the scoop on her cobbler? She made it out of a fluffy Snowman ornament, the cosplay McGyver at work.

I am happy to say I had very little to do with Teals costumes. I helped a smidge with the fitting, and made a few suggestions along the way, but the costumes design and sewing were all her and it looks amazing.

Lastly we have Rose...
Papa Hayden's Buche de Noel Log slice. Last year it had a peppermint filling and studded with french macaroons.This year the filling was chocolate and it was studded with cranberries and chocolate holly leaves. After they plated it they also added meringue mushrooms, which was cool, but it still tasted better last year. Rose had decided early on to be cotton candy, but only a few weeks before had decided on Lollipop instead.

Here's the design I made for her. I had to make it quick so it doesn't look all that nice or clean, but you get the general idea.

We decided to get the socks first and bought fabric to match them. Teal and I made this costume together and it was much harder then I thought it was going to be. I think I almost had a mental breakdown with the sleeves. Teal used to apprentice for Katie Bair and found this blue wig among her things and it looked just perfect with this costume, She sewed the headband into it, and placed the real lollipops on after shellacking them in clear nail polish.

I continued the rainbow theme with Roses makeup, she got lot's of compliments that I preened over! I probably would have done more with Roses makeup but time and bathroom crowding got in the way, but I'm definitely not disappointed.

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