Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daily Wear: Arika

My personal theme this year was peppermint candy. Rose found the peppermint candy I've attached to my Santa hat, it's a round of soap that I glued to a hair clip, it was very heavy. The original design for the dress was way different then what I ended up with because I ran out of money I decided to rip up an old bridesmaid dress that Rose gave me.

This dress in fact, from Davids Bridal. Rose had another one in the same color she used for her Christmas outfit last year. My main goal was to try to make my outfit as different from Rose's as possible while still keeping with the peppermint theme. Candy Cane seemed like a natural way to go.

It was quite easy to make, to be fair I was much more excited over everyone elses costumes. The big strips were made using lace from a wedding dress a friend of mine ripped up to make a Princess Vespa dress. They looked much more swirly on the mannequin. It looks like a costume out of White Christmas, very romantic and old Hollywood, terrible to move around in though.

Because I knew I wanted a bright red lip I kept the rest of my makeup simple. Tarantellegra all over the lid with Dandelion highlighting the brown and inner corner. I used Drama Queen liner Topaz, I feel I should have made a thicker line but I'm terrible with eyeliner.

This powder eyeliner stays on better then my liquid or stick liner but it still comes off on my lid sometimes.

I'm a Root Beer ad in this picture. Would you buy it? I guess I don't look like I'm enjoying it so you probably wouldn't.

My cake from Papa Hayden the Passion, I do love it, so tangy and tropical.

Had to re-apply my lip stick several times that day. I like doing it in public, I think it's romantic. I'm sure some people consider it trashy, but who cares what other people think, right? It's not like I'm doing something gross.

Despite my limited ability to move I had a great time. I'm so sad we probably won't be doing it again, but I look forward to the future.

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