Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Photo with the Girls 2010

Maybe some of you remember this tradition from last year, but for around 4 years now my friends and I dress up and go take a photo with Santa. We choose a theme and this year the theme was desserts, something I think we managed to pull off rather well. Anissa chose not to participate this year which was too frickin bad cause it turned out to be the best year ever!

I started out the day being awoke by Rose, who asked me to bring her shoes. I asked if I should bring anything else and she said, 'no, nothing.' But then I REALLY thought about it while I was doing my own makeup at home, and brought all my cosmetics with me because I always have to do someones makeup. I ended up doing both Rose and Mauras makeup so lucky thing I did bring everything.

We started with a few photos in Teals home before we headed to the mall.

There's always a few weird pictures in the bunch.

We got to the mall about 11am on the 22nd. Which is the latest we've ever done this photo so the mall was packed. We were getting looks and compliments left and right from older ladies rushing to get their Christmas shopping done.

The girls doing the Santa photo seemed to be quite charmed by us in this year. They were so impressed with our picture they made it a store display.

How cool is that!

After the photo it was off to our traditional meal at Kornblatts Deli.

Teal and I arrived first, here she is browsing her menu.

Instead of complimentary bread or chips Kornblatts serves dill pickles. Maura and Teal enjoy theirs weirdly.

My Build Your Own Bagel, I was disappointed they were out of the jalapeno bagels, I always think a turkey n' cranberry needs a little spice, but my garlic bagel was pretty awesome. Except for Maura we all did BYOB, Maura got an egg salad sandwich, it was huge!

Lastly it was off to Papa Hayden's for celebratory cake!

Maura Rose and I were hopping for the Buche de Noel Log from last year which had peppermint filling and french macaroons dotting the outside. They had A Noel log, but it was defiantly not the same.

Cake mugging for the camera, our waiter was nice enough to take this picture for us.

Now for the photo you've all been waiting for!

I'm so glad this year was such a blast cause I think it's very probably the last. Rose and her family are moving to Texas, Mauras going back to Japan, and Teal will be in Korea. It's just gonna be little ole' me with no costume buddies for awhile I think.

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  1. That's such a cool tradition! And you guys all look great.

    I definitely missed the boat on "awesome group of friends". I'd usually have, like, one close friend at a time and the rest are just kind-of-friends or I only knew them in school or something.