Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Wear: Chocolate Fest.

I wanted something pretty over the top for the chocolate fest this year, I think I managed it somewhat.

I threw together the head band a day before. It included sparkle puff balls, pastel buttons, and a fake bird I've dubbed Arthur. The bow is separate and clips on real easy although I can't vouch for it's stability in that precarious position.

Makeup was super soft Aromaleigh High Heels on the lid, Pink Fingers on the inner corrner, and Perihellion under the lower lash line. I also used some Aromaleigh Perle Powder in Twinkle on the brow bone.

I LOVE this! How sweet and pinky. Over foundation I used Aromaleigh finishing powder in English Rose and then blush is Flirt in Sweet Surrender.

Teal and I took some pictures. Some people were really nice and helped up get some shots together.

I like this one, it's cute, but the wig just takes over jeeze!

It was difficult to stay on this surface, slanted and slippery as it was. Made for some pretty good pictures though. So not as many picture opportunities as I would have liked, but still a few cute ones so who am I to complain. I had a great time, ate some lovely chocolate, and didn't get my dress dirty. All in all a successful venture.


  1. This is such a cute outfit, and I LOVE your make-up!

  2. Thank you^^. I had a lot of fun wearing it this day!