Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starlight Parade 2011

I woke up early that morning for work having completely forgotten that night was the Starlight Parade. I did remember it was the June side of National Lolita Day and was dressed up, but only when my boss mentioned it did I remember about the parade.

I quickly made plans with Gloria and Shannon during my lunch to meet at their place and head over to find a spot at the parade route. On the walk over I spotted a few art installations I had to show everyone so I took some quick pictures.

Barn Owls! I feel really sorry for that crow right now. I'd love to know the inspiration behind this piece.

Here's the other side, the sun was coming at a different angle here so the reflection of the glass was worse, it's about as good as I can do though. These owls are all flying toward their buddies and the crow.

This one is so much prettier in life, and there are shattered mirrors on the bottom.

We set up our seats at 10th and Alder where some of my favorite food carts are located. Shannon and I decided on Koreans bulgogi tacos at Korean Twist.

I love this place! so messy is the food and oh so good. Gloria sort of flipped flopped over whether to get BBQ or Polish and ended up getting Thai instead. After we finished our tacos Shannon and I waited a little bit before grabbing dessert which HAD to be Cool Harry's Frozen Yogurt.

There only have 2 flavors a day Original Tart and then whatever the weekly flavor is, and only a few toppings but they are really tasty. A lot of frozen yogurt places are starting to taste like actual yogurt again, but Cool Harry's is still my favorite, and not just because the mascot is adorable.

Just relaxing, eating my yogurt watching the Starlight Run go by.

Now what you've been waiting for, the Parade!
I found this guy a bit creepy, but maybe that's just me.

My camera doesn't take very good pictures of things are are lit up AND moving, so from these photos it's hard to describe how awesome the parade was this year. Portlandia was represented, as well as Voodoo Doughnuts, and the Zombie Extermination squad who ran behind a horde of Zombies and tried to keep them away from people along the parade route. We also saw the 501st Legion our local Star Wars group, and PDXYAR our awesome Pirate group.


  1. Aww, makes me kinda homesick.. (despite the fact that I have been to the Starlight Parade like, twice, in all the years I lived there.) Looks like you had a good time though!

  2. It was really fun. I'm thinking about participating with the Red Cross next year^^!