Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hail the Sunshine Makeup Looks

Look 1

I'm pretty sure I wore this look to see Thor. I'm wearing Wildflower Blush, and Airborne Unicorn lipstick.

I used Rhea on the inner corner, Blueshift on the lid, and Lush Memoir on the arch.

Blueshift never quite goes opaque, it's such a pretty shimmery periwinkle gray sheen.

Look 2

Birthday Makeup!

I used Perihelion on the inner corner and under the waterline, Hestia and Tartantellegra on the lid, and Verdant Wisp on the outer corner.

Look 3

Went to the food carts, I was rocking the bright colorful makeup this day among many other bright colorful things.

I used Menta on the inner corner.

Brought Menta under the waterline a bit, and then finished off the line with Golden Chrysalis.

On the lid I used Flying Flower and in the crease Athena. On the outer arch is Lush Memoir and Extra Galactic. I used Perle Powder in Splendor as a high light for my brow bone, cheeks, etc... And then Cherry Bomb Blush.


  1. Oh how I miss seeing your bright colorful face in person!

  2. I miss you too! So, so much!