Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Solstice

That magical day of the year that's one second longer then the last. Having gotten off work rather early I dialed up Heather to see if she had any interest in joining me for ice cream. Because you have to have ice cream on a day this long and hot. I decided the ice cream we had to have was at the Belmont "Good Food Here" cart pod.

Fifty Licks has interesting flavors like Coconut Lemon Saffron Sorbet, and Maple Bacon which I tried a little taste of and liked, but the sensation of chewing on little bacon bits in ice cream wasn't for me. Heather got herself the Passionfruit Sorbet, which in her own words was really, really passionfruit-y.

I got the Caramelized Apple, which was really freaking good. It was so good I'm wondering why it's not done more often. Why don't Ben and Jerry have caramelized apple ice cream with a name like "William Tell", or something....

In addition to Fifty Licks this cart pod is where Sugar Cube moved to, so I picked up an ultimate brownie to go, and a vanilla bean lemonade.

I also grabbed myself a sandwich from Lardo because they're just so damn good. And we headed over to Gloria and Shannons for awhile since we didn't want to get caught in traffic. They weren't home but it was nice and cool there so we hung out and watched TV and went to the park.

People who read Mega Geeks often, probably recognize Forest Park, I go there a lot, especially in the summer. It's always nice and cool, and pretty, did I mention pretty? I like to drag friend out there with a towel and some food and have a mini-picnic.

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  1. Ice cream and Forest Park are the perfect combo for hot days in Portland. Sounds like fun! :)