Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Weekend

My dad lives in a dome, which is kinda cool until you realize how difficult it is to buy furniture for it.

I took a break from work at the beginning of July to visit my dad during what turned out to be a beautiful weekend in Newport. Usually when I visit I bring a friend with me cause it's a long drive on my own, it's always fun, cause they'll want to go see the sights and I can show them around. But this time I went alone, I spent most of the time reading in the sun, eating delicious food my dad made (albino salmon for the win), and pretty much wallowing on my behind.

You see although I do like visiting the tourist traps and historical sites, sometimes just being a beach bum is enjoyable as well.

One of the very few times we left the house was to go to the Saturday market to buy fresh fruit and veggies. Here's dad looking at a basket of green beans I think.

Oh the sun was mega bright!

The dome house is about a block away from the neighborhoods private beach, it's a short walk to sandy goodness, but the house itself is far enough back not to be in too much danger in high winds or tsunamis (Of which there were two small ones last year).

It looks a little foggy doesn't it? But really it was so warm that the moisture in the sand was evaporating causing it to look all steamy. Like the biggest Turkish bath ever!

Dad found a log and decided to kick is back out to sea with a cry, "Back from whence you came!" And now you know where my weirdness comes from.

About two years ago the face of this cliff broke off to reveal this tangle of roots. It looks like a monster don't you think? What really scary is that there are plenty of homes right on the edge of this cliff. The whole thing is bound to come down sooner or later, it's mostly clay after all, and all those houses might go with it. Really sad, but until then they have an unrivaled view.

This piece of driftwood looks like a goat. I spent a large portion of my weekend trying to convince my dad and step mom that they wanted to buy a goat so they could make cheese in their basement. They did not take to the idea.

My last day in town we visited Cape Perpetua, which is just so pretty. I know I've posted pictures before, but nothing about pictures can portray how amazing this view is.


  1. Mmmmm...I just want to jump into that water. I'm so not cut out for living in the desert as I am at the moment.
    And, I tagged you in an award:

  2. I still wouldn't go in no matter how inviting. It was still bitterly cold water. I used to live in a desert too, I agree the ocean is better.
    Thank you for tagging me^^.