Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Men I Love

Be prepared people, you could say this list was super bi-polar, ideally you'll spend your time scratching your head about my choices and then I'll know I've done my job. This is not to be confused as a list of men I think are hot (though I do think some of them are), there is a separate list for people I think are drop dead gorgeous but you'll never see it because there's more to life then pretty.

First up, and just kind of an all around number 1 is Joseph Gordon Levitt.
And yes I've mentioned this before, embarrassing as it is for me, but as a girl Joe was my "tween" crush (in quotes because the word tween didn't exist when I was a tween). Other girls covered their walls with the ubiquitous JTT, Devon Sawa, or the boys from Hanson (and where are they now I ask you?) I found myself a bit of a joiner in those days so I just picked a guy and went with it, that boy just happened to be Mr. Levitt, and even then I knew how to pick 'em if I do say so myself.

Aside from being a pretty phenomenal actor (have you seen Brick?), Joe here seemed to have just plain skipped over all the stupid crap that has become the child actors right of passage since T.V began. He speaks french, sings and plays guitar, and runs an online collaborative production company called HitRECord where he goes by the moniker RegularJoe, the website encourages artists to work together to create something, anything. And when a project comes to fruition the proceeds get portioned out equally to everyone involved. Seriously, check it out it's freaking awesome.

Next Albert Adria
95% of you have just done a double take and gone, "who the fuck is that?" To the 5% left over let us nod superiorly together, because we know, WE KNOW! To the rest of you Albert is the younger brother of Ferran Adria the best known chef in the world, and not because he has a show on the food network but because his flavors and techniques are akin to Jesus Fucking Christ! He can turn a flower petal into a dumpling, and a Mojito into a baguette, Ferran is a god bown down and worship peons! The man single handedly started and popularized the molecular gastronomy movement, but unlike many of his peers never lost sight that at the end of the day it was meant to be eaten.
So why then, Arika did you pick Albert for this list?

Well he's kinda adorable for one, like a teddy bear in chef whites. Second, Ferran no longer cooks for the public while Albert still works the kitchens (in a mostly experimental degree) at his restaurants 41 Degrees and Tickets, he continues the good work his brother started, experimenting and always changing. And third, his specialty is pastry and I am a girl who likes her pastry.

Daniel Radcliff
Okay, you have to go with me on this one, I expect to get some backlash because it's Harry Potter, and though I adore Harry Potter a big portion of it's fan base are twittering little girls who think they have to stand up against any opinion that differs from their own. But I don't think Dan is attractive, at all, I also don't think he's a very good actor. There I said it, and hopefully when you read this I haven't been suicide bombed by a Mary Sue. I'm not trying to be mean, it's just an opinion, if I were to pick anyone from the movies to like It might have to be Rupert Grint, not because I think he's particularly attractive either but because every expression he makes is freaking hilarious and it's hard not to like someone who makes you laugh.

So why then is Harry Potter on this list? Well aside from the two expression acting, and the fact that he looks like a less drug addicted version of my brother, Daniel Radcliff is hard core cool in my book. The boy took time in between filming of Harry Potter to be the naked lead in Eqqus, a play about a crazy boy who's sexually attracted to horses (okay that's not all Eqqus is about, but the good old horsey loving is in there), he has no problem making fun of himself as we've seen in Extras. And maybe what's most cool, he's a supporter of the LGBT community, and that is huge! As Harry Potter, Dan has one of the most recognizable faces in the world right now and that carries a lot of influence behind it. He could throw his considerable weight behind anything he wants and the fact that he's chosen Gay Rights is a definite win for the side of good.

Take that Westboro Baptist Church! We've got The Boy Who Lived on our side.

Alan Alda
Okay, I'll admit it, I love M*A*S*H. And Mr. Alda is a really cool peice of work. As a child, his father worked in Vaudville and he often hung out with the famous Burlesque names of that day. He married his teenage sweetheart, and they remain happily married today with many children and grandchildren. He's kind, funny, smart as a whip and has been active in feminism for many years working on real feminist issues, not just attacking Playboy like many lazy feminists (insert eye roll here). I'm always surprised by what I find him participating in, one day he'll be hosting a science show on the local public broadcasting station, the next he's playing Jack Donaghys biological father on 30 Rock, the next he's narrating a character for the 'book on tape' of "World War Z". His religious views are parallel to mine as well, we're not religious, or even agnostic, we just don't care.


  1. I absolutely loved this post. You should make some more!

  2. Maybe one day, it was difficult identifying these four.