Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fright Night Makeup

Okay first up, Fright Night is awesome! Movie review to come. Okay onto the makeup.

I was originally going to use red and black, but Randall took over the bathroom, and I had to use this tiny little mirror in our living room. I used greens and golds instead, otherwise I was afraid it would make a mess. All colors are Aromaleigh.

I used Zues on the inner corner and lower lash line, then Jessamine, and Chantal winged out.

On the inner corner is Serpensortia, Verdant Wisp, and Jessamine.

Chantal is black with purple sparkle what I thought would work well with Serpensortia and Verdant Wisp which also have purple sparkle. Verdant Wisp is my favorite green by the way, though I think Jessamine is more flattering on me.

I used a translucent finishing powder and Aromaleigh Corset blush with a peach gloss.

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