Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nothing to do on a Sunday Afternoon

I had big plans to go to Meriweathers restaurant which has a fantastic happy hour, but my friends bailed at the last minute pleading no money to me. It's a pretty good excuse I suppose. I decided to make the best of it and hang out with them anyway. Gloria and Shannon were doing laundry at her dads house so I joined them over there.

We watched T.V for a bit and I totally claimed the cat for my own (she looks mad, but she actually doesn't mind this position too much). We went to Ross so Shannon could buy new shorts, I convinced them to go for Ice Cream, my treat!

We went to Ice Cream Renaissance and Gloria and I got the Indecision, which is just where someone chooses your treat for you. They'll come in neat shapes, Glorias was a duck!

Mine was a snail.

Shannon had a vanilla orange soda float, it was awesome! I definitely recommend everyone tries this at home.

Afterwards we went to one of my favorite vintage stores just across the street Old Glory, most of the items they sell there really are vintage, but some are just curiosities. It a popular place with decent prices so there's a lot of turn over, that means new stuff every time I visit.

Dragon Merry-go-round display! I want this super bad!

I bought this old army hat which looks super weird with my dress and makeup. I know they still make these currently, but I think this one is from the 1970's, at least by the look of the tags inside.

For dinner it was still really freaking hot in our apartment so I had Randall take me out somewhere air conditioned.
Appetizers were polenta and mozzarella "fritters" with balsamic reduction and tomato jam. Not bad, but I'm not a fan of polenta Randall is.

He got a very tasty looking burger.

I got some Mac n' Cheese with grilled chicken, it was pretty good but the chicken was the weirdest thing, it looked like someone sliced up a whole chicken breast and then reassembled it. It doesn't make it look good or taste better so I don't know why they bothered.


  1. Aw, I love Ice Cream Renaissance. Gloria's duck is awesome! It looks like Bald Eagle/Duck hybrid.

  2. It could be an eagle. We thought it was a penguin at first.