Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Benefit: b.right! Radiant Skincare

Sometimes I hang out at Sephora, I don't often buy anything cause I still prefer buying from Indie makeup companies, but the Benefit display had some new lotions out to try, I tried some of the Total Moisture on my arm and though it was very nice, I was not going to spend 38$ for it however. BUT they had a trial kit for 12$ and that sounded pretty fair. Along with the Total Moisture this kit also includes, the Triple Performance Facial Emulsion SPF 15, and Refined Finish Facial Polish.

This is not the thickest cream I've ever tried, it goes on like velvet without being oily. I don't plan on buying it, but I would say it's actually worth the 38$ pricetag. By chance I happened to get sick while I had this and used it to sooth my nose after blowing. It worked like a charm without stinging and was possibly the first time I've had a cold when the skin around my nose didn't flake.

Full sizes of this are 28$. Like the Total Moisture it comes in an attractive glass container, it's surprisingly thin but does a great job. I cat really say how well it works as a sunscreen, but it must be FDA approved so there you go. My only real beef is with the container itself since it's glass you can't really squeeze it out. When my Total Moisture was gone I transferred the remaining Triple P. into it's container for easy access. I believe the full sized are pumps, but I don't like those either.

Probably the only disappointment, a full size of this are 22$ and it is a truly terrible scrub. For one it doesn't seem to exfoliate that well. When I exfoliate I scrub gently in circles for a full minute, this stuff seemed to dry out and become waxy on my skin before a minute was up. At first I thought, well maybe it's working really well and that stuff is dead dry skin it took off, but it wasn't.

This whole line is scented with a watery floral/cucumber scent, which smells lovely don't get me wrong, but the only reason my face products should smell like cucumber and flowers is if they have cucumber and flowers in them. I'm not perfume sensitive, but a lot of people are, and seems like the product wouldn't smell BAD without the perfume in it, so just take it out.

Most of these products are formulated with what Benefit calls their tri-radiance complex which brings hydration to the skin, keeps it there, then helps skin to develop long-term reserves of water for genuinely moisturized skin. Which just sounds like what a good facial moisturizer is supposed to do anyway, they've just given it a fancy name. The complex uses a mixture of vegetable sugars, glycol derivatives, and different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules to get all this done.

My skin does look nice. Not drastically bright, but not quite as nice as when I use only Lush products, (which I'm not currently using since I've been trying out several different skin care products over the last few months) but still good. Maybe a little bit of acne on my chin, but I don't think that is the fault of the moisturizers.

All in all this stuff work well and is a pretty good deal 38$ for the Total Moisture will get you 1.7 oz. of product, which is a pretty fair amount and will last you a good long time.

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