Monday, October 31, 2011

Heavy Metal Mermaid

My roommates 3 year old niece wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid for Halloween, so I went out and bought the cutest mermaid pattern I could find which was Simplicity pattern 4043. I'm not really fond of Simplicity patterns but included was a pattern for adults as well, so I was like, "yeah, I'll be a mermaid."

I didn't care for the top included in the pattern so I made my own by decorating an old bra with sheer green fabric that I burnt around the edges, black gemstones, pearls, and fun foam seashells that I painted silver and decorated with black glitter. There is now black glitter everywhere by the way.

In the pattern the waist of the tail, is not really meant to be shown, and I could have gotten rid of it, but I kinda liked it so I decorated it with black painted henna patterns, pearls, and black lace. For the fin I hand sewed gemstone trim in theses swirly patterns. I'm really happy with this costume, though it's unfinished since I ran out of monies. I have big plans to make spiked bracelets only the spikes are seashells. Cool right?

On my head I wore Stephen Stegosaurus. He's a headpiece I had leftover from a photo shoot I did last winter. The photos were crap so I never posted them here, and he's not really mer-oriented, but he's so cool and I just wanted to wear him.

Once again I invite you to ignore my horrible faux eyelashes. The primer is Aromaleigh lip and eye primer, with Evil Shades Noir primer on the center of the lid. All eyeshadow colors are Aromaleigh with White Wedding on the lid, over the Noir primer it's goes silvery and it's amazingly sparkly in life. Hades was used to create the black spikes.

Fume is on the inner corner with Hydrangea on the brow bone as a slight purple highlight.

My scales were made by first patting on Ben Nye's Lumiere Lux Powder in LX-1 Ice. It needed a sticky base to go kinda opaque, the good news is I found a use for Sobe Botanicals Mineral Setting Spray. Then I used some fishnet tights to pat on Ben Nye Creme Color CL-25 in Steel Gray. It was not easy, It's a bit of a three person job, one person to get painted, another to hold the fishnet, and another to pat the makeup on. But it was just me and Brenna, she held the fishnet while I patted it on myself, hard to do when you can't see anything.

On my cheeks is Aromaleigh Wildflower blush, and on my lips is Clinique lipstick in Cranberry Creme over Aromaleigh lip and eye primer.


  1. Wow, you look amazing. You did beautiful things with that Simplicity pattern!

  2. This came out so amazing! The best mermaid costume I have ever seen. You make me want to make my own mermaid outfit, just for fun. :D It looks like you put a lot of work in and it paid off.
    Also, the make-up is stunning, especially the scaling you did. Simply wonderful.
    BTW Stephen Stegosaurus actually looks fantastic with the costume. Very nice finishing touch.
    Wish we could go to a Halloween party together!

  3. Thank you so much you guys, I had a lot of fun wearing it! Major hugs to all of you.

    Teal: I told you he would look good!

  4. It's awesome! I love the scales, they look amazing. All of the little details are fantastic- the seashell bra, the swirls on the fin, the henna design on the waist... Also, the dinosaur goes surprisingly well with it. Great work! :)

    You should really do a nice photoshoot with this one someday!

  5. Maybe one day, I don't really know what I would really do in terms of poses with that costume though.

    Thanks Maura! It's kinda too bad you're so far away, I think our costumes would have matched up fairly well.

  6. This turned out amazing! My daughter wants to be a mermaid for Halloween and I would love to make her a decorated top like yours. Can yo share where you go the foam sea shells from?