Friday, November 4, 2011

Jelly Shot Orange Slices

Lately I have been experimenting with Jelly Shots, and orange slices I think are an awesome delivery system for them. I made these is small batches using Knox plain gelatine, in general you can make them out of any liquid and it's one full cup of liquid for every one packet of gelatin so it's really easy, you don't need crappy Jello brand gelatin.

I made 6 small batches as follows:
  • 1st batch Chamborde Raspberry liqueur and water
  • 2nd and 3rd batch Strawberry Kiwi juice with Raspberry Vodka
  • 4th batch Black Cherry Soda, Grenadine, and Raspberry Vodka
  • 5th batch Coconut juice, sugar, ginger beer, tropical rum
  • 6th batch Coconut juice, sugar, ginger beer, and passion fruit vodka
Mine were made using half alcohol, which I don't recommend, just adjust your liquid ratio. Also I suggest using strongly flavored fruit concentrate, syrup, or soda rather then already made juices which just become weaker when mixed with gelatine and alcohol.

I made mine a few days ahead of time, by slicing oranges in half juicing them and scraping out their insides. I placed them in cupcakes tins I borrowed from my grandmother and filled them with the gelatin mixture, put them in the fridge to cool, and then sliced them in half.

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