Monday, November 14, 2011

Tales From Avonlea

As a little girl I was very much taken with the Edwardian Era. At that time I didn't actually know it was the Edwardian Era, I just knew I enjoyed the stories and fashion set in that period of time like Mary Poppins, American Girl Samantha Parkington (who was my favorite doll), and the stories of Lucy Montgomery who wrote most famously "Anne of Green Gables", and made me want long red hair I could wear in pig tail braids.

There was a sort of beauty in these stories, these girls were strong, and in their own ways magical. As I grew older I learned more about the lives they would have had if they'd been real. Ones with hardships, possibly loveless marriages, womens right's were in their infancy in America, working conditions and child labor were monstrous. In reality the time was hardly as romantic as I was brought up to believe, but I have to remember they were stories for children.

I adored Anne of Green Gables, but on a whim my grandmother picked up "Tales From Avonlea" (sometimes called "Road to Avonlea"), a T.V series from the early 90's staring Sara Polly (and later Gema Zampronga) who you might know as Sally from "The Baron Munchausen". Oh was I hooked on Tales from Avonlea, Sara Pollys character, also named Sara was one of those nicely complex characters, she's haughty, smug (which she is very good at), but still likeable. Also I wanted to wear her clothes, I still do sometimes.

Recently while flipping through channels at a friends house I was surprised to find "Road to Avonlea" playing. It's just as innocent and heartwarming as I remembered, though I do find it a bit naive, it brings me back to childhood tea parties, making fairy houses in the back yard, and and pretending to be a mermaid princess. I'm really happy to see it playing somewhere and I hope future generations enjoy it as much as I did.

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