Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Victorian Night

My eyes looks oddly dewy don't you think? It's the lighting I'm sure, but it's quite pretty.

Even though I kept this simple I still think it's stunning. Evil Shades Victoria Night is on the lid with Aromaleigh Verdant Wisp on the outer corner. I figured VN is a purple with green shimmer, and VW is a green with purple sparkle that they would pair nicely. I was right!

I used Aromaleigh Aparecium on the inner corner, mostly because it's a grey with "interest". Not too noticeable, but I thought it might accent the other shades nicely.

Crap I love Victorian Night, in life it looked almost liquid on my lids.

To finish off the look I'm wearing Aromaleighs Wildflower blush, and Evil Shades Hardcore lips in Lost Kiss.

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