Friday, January 20, 2012

Meow: Snowflake

They often don't look that good on me but I love pale shimmery blues. I picked up all but one of the Snowflake shades Avalanche did not appeal, in retrospect I probably should have just grabbed it so I could have the complete set.

Swatched over Pixie Epoxy on the top, and Aromaleigh Eye and Lip Primer on the bottom, from left to right.
  • Snowball: A cool pearly white with stunning blue sparkle. Not very opaque even over PE but lovely all the same.
  • Sleet: Shimmer aqua with golden tones and a slight pink shimmer.
  • Flurry: Pale blue pearl with lavender tones and sky blue sparkle.
  • Freezing Rain: Stunning dark teal with blue sparkle and loaded with pink shimmer.
  • Blustery: Frosty mid-toned blue with blue sparkle.
  • Brrr...: Shimmer blue with purple tones and blue sparkle. Simelar to Flurry but darker, lovely but one of those blurple shades that never look good on me.
  • Ice Storm: Beautiful colbalt with blue sparkle.
  • Blizzard: An almost black shade with blue and diamond sparkle.

My favorites of this batch are Snowball, Freezing Rain, and Ice Storm. Disappointments being Blustery, and Brrr... for being an unsuitable shade.


  1. I have a couple of those. They're gorgeous, especially Snowflake.