Friday, August 31, 2012

Out of Spite

I love this dress, it was a birthday present to myself from my local vintage clothing store. It's really comfortable, not not too formal like a few of my other longer dresses. And I am buying a lot of longer dresses lately, I like how swishy they are.
  • Dress: Vintage 70's
  • Shoes: Mossimo
  • Earrings: LA Fashion District
  • Hair Clip: Tarrino Tarantino
My eyeshadow is all Geek Chic.

Cold Feet was used on the inner corner, Champagne Toast on the lower lash line.

Companion Cube on the outer lid sweeping over in an arc, and more Champagne toast on the center lid layered over Companion Cube, with some Dream of Large Women layered over Companion Cube on the outer lid.

I did this weird braided side bun, but it doesn't look right for whatever reason.


  1. Love everything about this!
    The dress is super cute and a great color for your skin, although I think it could be a little shorter.
    The make-up is lovely. It's so detailed and beautiful.
    I love the hair too! Why don't you like it?

    1. Thank you, I like the length myself. But Like I said I'm into long right now.
      The hair didn't turn out as big and messy as I'd hopped.