Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday French Meal

My boss is super awesome, we talk about all sort of things while we work, one of the things he's had in the planning stages for ages was a French small plates meal, we discussed that there should be, and I let him borrow my French Laundry Cookbook for inspiration and last weekend he finaly got around to doing it.

First Course
Mushroom, turnip, carrots, and leaks on a bed of pureed potatos and truffle oil.

Second Course
 French onion soup with crostini and Gruy√®re cheese.

Third Course
 Pasta with parmersan and goat cheese, snow peas, and toasted pine nuts.

Fourth Course
 Parsley puree with chik'n (vegetarian chicken), on a fried disc of pureed garlic and panko (this was my favorite dish).

Fifth Course
 Lemon sorbet palate cleanser with lime candy and lime slice. The sorbet was store bought, but the candy was homemade.

Sixth Course
 Ratatouille (really good, much better then it looks).

Seventh Course
 Vegetarian Salad Nicoise. My boss is a vegetarian just in case you hadn't guessed that yet.

Eighth Course
Cafe n' Rum Chocolate Mousse with orange liqueur whipped cream. My bosses partner made this course it was super rich I couldn't finish, but I really wanted to.

Ninth Course
Cheese Platter

Tenth Course
 Creme Brulee, my bosses partner also made this in the traditional French way which is a bit runnier then you would normally find, but it was still very good, he used raspberry sugar for the crusts.

 80 Proof Brandy (burned going down, and then continued to burn for a long while afterwards).

Cafe O' Lait (well not yet, I haven't added the warm cream or sugar yet).

The whole meal took about 2.5 hours and then we continued chatting until about midnight before I finally went home, it was sooo good, but I'm sure just exhausting for Ahmad and Jason who spent all day making it. I'm glad I got to be there.

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