Friday, December 7, 2012

Geek Slappy Madness

I heard about a geeky craft fair being put on at the Jupiter Hotel by the PDX Browncoats our local Firefly fan club. There was so much awesome geek stuff but most of it was very over priced.

Shiro Cosmetics was there! Isn't the owner adorable? I got to test out the new holiday glosses Red Ryder smelled the best, but I think Leg Lamp was the better shade. I am definitely buying from her soon!

Girl dressed like TARDIS, looks comfy.

Randall really liked the steampunk stuff, the guns, utility belts, and canes.

Afterwards we went to Slappy Cakes for lunch. I had my usual sweet potato pancakes with goat cheese and apples.

Randall had toast, hash, eggs over easy, and vegan sausage. He's on this weird doctor recommended diet for a month, it's cut out weird things like soy and citrus.

After lunch we walked down the block to Movie Madness so Randall could see what they had. They have a lot of movie memorbelia including some awesome old costumes.

I love the gold dress in the above photo, from a 60's version of Grimm Fairy Tales. It's super tiny though, I could never fit in it, the actress must have been 12. 

Eyeshadow was Aromaleighs Zues and Verdant Wisp, and Femme Fatales Space Cow.


  1. Aww, makes me miss Portland! The geek fair sounds like it was fun (although it's unfortunate that it was overpriced.)

    1. Yeah and there were a few adorable art prints I probably would have gotten too.