Monday, December 3, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Swatches

I picked these up during the Halloween sale on October 20th. They finally got here, but I wasn't too worried about it since I know this store is reputable and they warned their customers ahead of time that it might take until late November.

 Swatched from left to right

Licorice: A matte black, takes a few swipes to become opaque, but it feels nice.
Lady Grey: Matte gray, it's sadly darker then I'd hoped and looks purple toned on my lips.
Strawberry Shimmer: A bright red gloss with red shimmer applies sheer but can be built up to opacity.
Cotton Candy: Semi-sheer cotton candy pink with a heavy blue shimmer.
Twist of Fate: A lovely coppery champagne shade, perfect for any occassion.

All of these apply well, and last a good amount of time, and feel great on. In short as awesome as I normally expect form Morgana Cryptoria. I really adore the strawberry gloss, it's a great color and has a subtle strawberry scent that's not too overwhelming. Though Twist of Fate is less "migratory" and goes with most things.

I bought the black only because I figured one day I'd wished I picked up one. And though I was disappointed with the gray it's not MCs fault my lips are red enough that it looks purple.

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