Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Party: Daily Wear

I paired down my outfit for the Christmas Party this year, on Thanksgiving my mom sent me a wet look skirt, and I thought it would look nice and Christmasy with a green sparkly halter top she gave me a few years ago. I like the look, but the top really does looks a lot better with a dark denim pant.

The pink tights add a huge block of color that I'm still not sure if I like, but there wasn't anything I liked better so hot pink it is! Unfortunately I got a hole in them that night, so goodbye tights you served me well.

Aren't these the cutest shoes ever! Green velvet with little bows and an adorable round toe. I've had them more then a year and this was the first time I've worn them, why? Because they are possibly the most uncomfortable shoes EVER! I have wounds all around the top edge of my foot from these. Still...cute though *sigh*.

Dragon hair accessory, also sent by my mom. I don't really buy clothing anymore, I just have it sent to me!

I liked my makeup from this post so much I decided to recreate it for the party. I applied it a little more artistically this time and used a primer so the colors are more vivid. I still used Zeus, Neptune, and Retrograde. But this time instead of Wizards Gold on the brow bone I used Dandelion.

And then instead of Hades I used Theia under the lash line.

I had fun taking pictures, the rest of my makeup was Aromaleigh Peaches n' Cream finnishing powder, blush in Corset, and you can see I used Wizards Gold to highlight my cheek bone. For my lips I lined and filled them in with a Smashbox lip pencil in Fair, and a peachy gold lip gloss. I also put some Wizard Gold on my lips for extra shine.

I do like dressing up, what can I say.


  1. I'm in love with that dragon hair clip! It's so cool!

    I have a hard time with certain types of shoes, too- if they rub the wrong way, they tear my feet to shreds.

  2. I think a lot of it was just these shoes in general, I bought them for 3$ at the LA Fashion District. I knew they weren't gonna wear well, but jeeze they're cute.

  3. I had trouble the first time I went to Premiere Birmingham (a beauty convention in Birmingham, AL) because I wore a pair of low-heeled shoes that I'd never worn before, and the dress code was described as "business casual"... I miraculously didn't get blisters or anything, but I could barely walk and had to go buy some shoes at Target.

    The worst part? THE DRESS CODE WAS MADE UP. I could've worn my sloppiest jeans, most ancient T-shirt, and the saddest, most tired pair of shoes I owned, and they'd have let me in. I was pissed.

  4. Yep, that sucks. People need to enforce their own rules.

  5. You're telling me. I was much better prepared the next year.