Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Package From Teal

It was a big surprise when I got this package in the mail, Teal actually phoned me about it like two days before it arrived, but it wasn't like a holiday, or my birthday, so still a big super awesome surprise.

Addresses have been covered, but you can see that cute details Teal included on the outside like the pink bow and my name was written with a calligraphy pen on some artwork of girls with robot hats!

Once I opened the box I was assaulted with scents, scents galore!

The card was a just this super beautiful 3D teapot and teacup with flowers and berries. And no you all do not get to read what it said, but Teal, I totally keep all the letters from you Maura, and Rose too, and there's no way I'm getting rid of something this cute anyway.

So what smells so good? Scentsy tart warmers! All cutely wrapped and labeled! Its hard to pick a favorite since they all kinda smell like each other right now, but when I eventually melt them I'll know which one is which, right now my vote is for White Tea and Cactus, it sounds fresh and watery.

TEA!!!! These are both fantastic, Teal sent me Celestial Temple Perks, and Budda's Cup. Celestial Temple I believe is Yunnan, and Budda's Cup I think is Yunnan blended with Assam. Yunnan is hands down my favorite type of tea, it's robust with hints of cocao and holds up nicely against milk.

Last but not least Teal sent me makeup, in a cute box too! Most of these are blues from Meows holiday collections. The full size is Meows Calories, Teal bought it specifically for me, it's pretty much the perfect orange shade for my skin-tone see here and here. Swatches well be coming shortly so watch out for them.

Smelly things, tea, and makeup. Does Teal know me or what?


  1. Awwww! Thank you so much for writing a post about my package! I had so much fun making it! I hope you like the scents I sent, there were enough of them. :) I also hope the colors I sent look good on your skin.
    Buddha's cup is my favorite tea hands down. It's such a deep flavor that you can feel in your bones, while Celestial Peaks is a little bit lighter and airy. So glad you enjoyed both!
    I know, that teapot card is to die for! I save all of your cards too! There are on the refrigerator :)

    1. I'm using Enchanted Mist right now, it's nice, but really perfume-y.